True Brilliance Review

There has been a lot of chatter online about True Brilliance and its benefits. Here is a review of True Brilliance from a number of users of the teeth whitening pen:

Virgen S, From Florida Says

True Brilliance works pretty well and gives you a lot of benefits. It’s better than most teeth whitening products available. The gel pen is easy to use without spillage and doesn’t burn the gums. Its side effect free and you can feel it working.”

David Agarwal, 28 From New York Says

“This works well and leaves your teeth shining brightly. The gel pen is good but you should avoid drinking alcohol before using True Brilliance. And drink beverages through a straw to properly maintain your results. It is easy to use and can give great results.”

Krishna Gessner, 37 From Texas Says

“I am starting to like using True Brilliance. I clearly saw results just after one use! It didn’t leave my teeth sensitive after the first time nor the second time and since I have VERY sensitive teeth, it’s can be considered to be quite good. Plus, you get to use as many times as you want. Great buy. I used another product before but they made my teeth so unbearably sensitive I couldn’t use them. True Brilliance works well, only without the pain.”

Bernie Coates, 32 From Pennsylvania Says

“Got the package in a reasonable amount of time. I waited only for a few days and finally got to try this teeth whitening pen. My package did include the instructions. I brushed after waiting an hour, and then followed each step properly. When I used True Brilliance, I saw results immediately. This is no joke. I am a satisfied customer. This product can last you for weeks depending on how much you whiten. This gel pen is very good for the price. I use this twice a day and will return and let you know after 4 weeks with an updated review. Thanks, True Brilliance!”

True Brilliance Ingredients

Rosanne Dunne, 26 From New York Says

“This is my first time ordering from True Brilliance. Timely delivery with a well-packaged product and easy to follow directions. A 5-star product. The gel did not sting or burn but lightened my teeth by 2-3 shades in one application. I have used other brands before but they were more expensive and not as effective. Thank you True Brilliance for your high quality product and good customer service!”

Chi Cervantes, 43 From Kentucky Says

“I am very happy with True Brilliance. This whitening gel is effective I did not experience discomfort even after wearing for 2 hours. I have somewhat sensitive teeth and was satisfied to not have any increased sensitivity after using this whitener. I use every 2 weeks for about 2 hours to get consistent results.”

Jere Stroh, 36 From Georgia Says

“I usually don’t take the time to write reviews but for True Brilliance, I decided to give it a go. The shipping and handling were fast and of good quality. The package contains enough gel to get you really shining teeth and comes with detailed instructions on how to use the whitening pen. I saw results from the first application which was a surprise as I am a smoker and continuously drink cola and coffee which has caused my teeth to be stained over time. I have not tried to use the dentists for whitening my teeth because True Brilliance works to give me 1-2 shades lighter without spending thousands on my teeth. I would recommend this to everyone, especially those who have sensitive teeth.”

Where To Order True Brilliance?

True Brilliance is available to order using the risk free trial offer. Simply click on the link below and get signed up for the trial. True Brilliance is delivered to your doorstep within days after you pay a nominal fee for shipping and handling.

True Brilliance Risk Free Trial

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